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18" Professional Wrist Wraps- OUR STAPLE FOR GAINZ

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Never Suffer Another Wrist Injury Again While Working Out with Olympiada Wrist Wraps!! YEAHH BABY!!!

When you purchase a pair of Olympiada Wrist Wraps today you're making an investment in your health and safety.

Olympiada Wrist Wraps are made from the highest quality materials and provide superior wrist protection for all your heavy lifting.

- Heavy duty design for long lasting use 

- One size fits all for both men and women 

- Included thumb loop for added protection 

Your Safety in Mind

Olympiada Wrist Wraps are perfect for heavy lifts and provide amazing stability in lifts such as Dead-lifts, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and all crossfit lifts. 

Highest Quality

- Olympiada wrist wraps are made from the most durable and thick material and will outlast any other brand 

Our Wrist Wraps are 18" Length while most of our competitors only have 14". Even the thickest wrists will fit Olympiada Wrist Wraps. 

Olympiada's Lifetime Guarantee protects your product from any manufacturer defect with a no hassle replacement policy!

Order Today for the Best Wrist Protection



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