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*Deadlift Lifting Straps- Heavy Duty CLASSICS*

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Discover the secret to building a Perfect Body 

- Lifting straps allow you to focus strictly on the muscle groups you are targeting without having to worry about your grip 

- Olympiada Lifting Straps offer safety and security when doing heavy lifts that could slip from your grip 

- Made from top grade material to ensure durability and dependability 

- Achieve you maximum lifting power without worrying about the barbell slipping 

- Added padding create a comfortable lifting experience, even with heavy weights. 

- Machine washable 

Why use Olympiada Lifting Straps?

For the safest workout session possible: When you're lifting heavy weight the last thing you want to be worrying about is for a barbell to slip out of your hands, crashing to the floor. 

Never be limited by weak grip again and push your weightlifting to new personal records. 

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Olympiada Lifting Straps feature a no-hassle lifetime warranty

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