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Olympiada Classic Lightweight Padded Lifting Gloves

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Why use Olympiada Athletic Gloves?

If you have ever had issues with callouses or losing your grip on a bar then Weightlifting Gloves are for you. 

Our gloves will protect your hands while giving you better grip and stability for those heavy lifts. 

Great for crossfit, gym, fitness and weightlifting! 

Not just for lifting! Great for other sports too in which you need a better grip. 

Who can benefit from using lifting gloves?

- Beginners and advanced athletes alike can benefit from the improved grip 

- Works for both men and women(just make sure to pick the correct size) 

- Anyone who hates losing grip or developing rough callouses on their hands. 

Included in your Order:

One pair of Olympiada Weightlifting Gloves in Retail Package 


Olympiada products are covered by a lifetime guarantee for any manufacturer defect. 


YOU GOTTA HAVE THESE! THIS IS A STEAL. LITERALLY. We are running some of these prices at such low margins, due to the fact that we honestly love our company and will sacrifice profit for exposure to what we love.